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Benefits of being an NSA Member


  • Access for you and your guests to the air-conditioned and heated Afterdeck Activity Center with kitchen, facilities, ice, television and stereo system with a breathtaking view of the lake.

  • KBRS racing from April thru October for all skill levels and all types of boats.

  • Access to a large roofed Shelter house with grill, tables and seats for 200 people, with a most outstanding view overlooking the lake to the north and NE and NSA property.

  • A variety of social events throughout the entire year that you can find in the NSA Calendar of Events.

  • The benefit of your club being organized, built and run by its members. That means YOU actually have a voice, and a vote, in how NSA is operated.

  • But most importantly, your membership in NSA helps to support and sustain the club itself, and ties YOU in a meaningful way to the other members. This is the essence of the camaraderie all club members enjoy.

  • Further explanation of member benefits and responsibilities are found in the NSA Yearbook under Club By-Laws

Membership Application

Wet Slip, Mooring & Yard Space Application

Dues and Fees

Thank you for considering membership with the Ninnescah Sailing Association. Download the NSA Membership Application form and lease agreement, fill out and mail to:

Ninnescah Sailing Association
P.O. Box 1587
Wichita, Kansas 67201

2019 Fees:

Initiation Fee $107.50

Annual Dues

Active Member $430.00

Junior Member* $26.88

(Initiation fee and dues include 7.5% sales tax. Dues are discounted to half after August 1)

Wet Slip Fee

Class 1: $525

Class 2: $705

Class 3: $775

Class 4: $875

Class 5: $935

Yard Space Fee

10’ Wide: $182.50

12’ Wide: $247.50

15’ Wide: $272.50

Mooring Fee

Annual Fee: $262.50


Members often encounter situations that call for a solution outside their comfort zone. This is frustrating when you have little time, and/or don't know who to ask for assistance. To help, NSA has a Mentorship Program through which a new member may request assignment to a mentor to guide them. For new members, this relationship could last through their first year's activities at NSA. Current members can also request a mentor for a number of specific topics.

Some questions can be answered by referral to the Yearbook. Others, such as those listed below may require verbal response, or demonstration. That's where a mentor becomes important.

How do I:

  • Trim a sail

  • Enter/leave a slip

  • Raft up

  • Drop/pull anchor

  • Get ungrounded

  • Secure your boat in storage yard, slip, mooring

  • Leave a beached boat overnight

  • Participate in a fun regatta (KBRS, social)

  • Night sail

  • Handle sudden winds on Cheney Lake

  • Man overboard procedures

  • Boat maintenance

  • Operate certain equipment

Contact the Past Commodore at or the Mentor Program Facilitator for more information. 



We'd love to hear from you

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Ninnescah Sailing Association

P.O. Box 1587

Wichita KS, 67201